Coby van den Berg

“Far-reaching goals are better achieved together’ is a way of working that appeals to me greatly”

My name is Coby van den Berg and I work within the organisation as Facility Manager. The purpose of the Facility Department is to obtain and maintain insight, overview and efficient management with regard to all company buildings, installations, facility services, fire safety, RI&E and maintenance agreements. In addition, we work on good cost control when it comes to maintenance, inspections and the purchase of materials.

No two days are the same and my work is very dynamic and varied. One moment I am having a meeting with the facilities team about current affairs and the next moment I am in discussion with the municipality about the purchase of building plots or with the insurance broker about our insurance portfolio.

The projects I am involved in vary from the new sprinkler systems in our factory halls, the development of a building plot to the preparation and execution of renovations.

I love working with people, challenges and adventure and in my role as Facilities Manager, I have not experienced a single boring working day. Dynamism and improvisation are part of my job every day. I have a lot of contact with colleagues from our branches at home and abroad, with maintenance companies and government authorities. Actually, I have the best job in the organisation.

Within Global, I am given the confidence and space to develop myself, as well as the facilities team, allowing us to build expertise to achieve our distant goals together.

Coby van den Berg,

Facility Manager, Facility Services Department

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