Application procedure

Have you found the challenge that suits you on our website? Then apply directly via our website. After receiving your application, we will send you a confirmation of receipt by e-mail and we will present your application to the hiring manager (in charge of the department concerned). You will then be informed whether or not you will be invited for a job interview.

Job interview

If there is a match based on your CV, you will be invited for a job interview. The HRM department will send you an e-mail with all the information regarding the job interview, such as: Date, time, location and interviewer.


For certain positions, an assessment can be part of the application procedure. This will be stated in the vacancy text.

Terms of employment interview

Do we have a match? Then we will invite you for an employment interview. In this interview, an HRM advisor or your future manager will inform you about the primary and secondary terms of employment.

Completing the application process

We aim to complete the entire application process within four weeks and to send you feedback.

Certificate of Good Behaviour

For certain positions, a Certificate of Good Conduct (VOG) may be part of the application procedure. During the procedure, we will inform you whether this applies to the vacancy you are applying for. The HRM Advisor will apply for the VOG, after which you will receive an e-mail from the Ministry of Justice and Security which you can sign using your DigiD.

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