Amit Bhagwanie

‘Inter-Sprint is a warm organisation where everyone is ready to help you’

I am Amit Bhagwanie, 34 years old and working at Inter-Sprint for more than half a year.  In my position as Account Manager Spanish-speaking I focus on our customers in Spain, Portugal and South America.

I maintain contacts with existing customers but also acquire new customers and customer groups. In order to position our brands in the Spanish market in the best possible way, I am in contact with the Marketing Department about new promotions and campaigns. In terms of logistics, I like to lend a helping hand to my colleagues in the Planning Department as the carriers often only speak Spanish or Portuguese.

The space I am given to develop myself and to grow, but also the possibility to give my own input (which is listened to) make my work very enjoyable. Of course, I really enjoy being able to keep my Spanish up to standard. Now that the travel restrictions are slowly being lifted, I can travel again. My next client visit to Spain, Madrid, is planned! The involvement in Spanish-speaking marketing provides a variety that makes my job even more fun. Besides, I work in a nice team! Inter-Sprint is a warm organisation where everyone is ready to help you.

Amit Bhagwanie

Account Manager Sales, Sales Department

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