Chrissy Potkamp

‘Every day brings new challenges, which sometimes means making the impossible possible!’

Hello, I am Chrissy Potkamp, 29 years old and I have been working at Global for six years now. After graduating from the Facility Management course in Heerlen, I immediately started working as a Facility employee at Van den Ban Autobanden. In the meantime, I have progressed to the position of Facility Team Leader.

The Facility Management department is a dynamic and supportive department for the entire group. We work for all internal clients (my colleagues). Together with other support departments, we ensure that the organisation’s primary process can continue. The work is very diverse. You can think of ordering pens and paper up to and including taking care of the real estate and everything that comes with it. We also take care of the insurances and all building and inventory damages.

Within a new, but fun team, we try to meet our customers’ wishes every day. This sometimes means making the impossible possible. Every day brings new challenges and that is what makes my job so much fun!

Chrissy Potkamp,

Facility Services Team Leader, Facility Services Department

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