Jeroen van den Broek

‘The space I am given to develop myself enables me to acquire knowledge that I can apply immediately’

My name is Jeroen van den Broek and I have been working at Inter-Sprint for 5 years as a Digital Designer in the Marketing & Communication department.

As a Digital Designer, I mainly focus on online projects for various company labels within Global. For example, one day I might be working for the Inter-Sprint label and the next day for another label within the group. My activities vary from creating websites (for example, this job site), optimising our B2C web shops or developing an online marketing plan. That makes my work very diverse and full of variety.

Inter-Sprint gives me the space to develop myself and acquire new knowledge. Knowledge I can immediately apply within the various projects. I like the fact that this allows me to continue experimenting and innovating within my field of expertise.

A nice addition to my work is the informal atmosphere within the flat organisation. There is a lot of contact with all layers within the organisation, and there is also time for a chat or a joke. Especially in our department, there is a pleasant, informal working atmosphere with young professionals who like to joke around!

Jeroen van den Broek,

Digital Designer, Marketing & Communications Department

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