Jesper Simons

‘At Global Automotive Investments Holding, opportunities abound’

I have been working for Global Automotive Investments Holding since December ’20. After completing my studies in ‘International Business & Management’, I was looking for a job where I could both put my knowledge into practice and work on deepening this knowledge. I originally started as a trainee, but recently I have been working as a staff member in the business development & projects department.

During the first months of my traineeship, I was closely involved in a company takeover; I was assigned various tasks at both the operational and tactical levels. It is great to see that these kinds of opportunities are being taken up within Global with courage and a no-nonsense mentality.

Currently, I am working on a new project, the construction of a new ERP system for all company labels within the group. In this role, I try to translate the wishes of the departments into the possibilities of the development team. For me, it is a great opportunity to be able to think along with/develop the future of Global. Because I can take a close look at many departments in a short period of time, I become a little wiser every day. The product ‘tyres’ is very stable. The shape/composition of a tyre rarely changes, but the market is dynamic and we can proudly state that we are one of Europe’s largest tyre distributors.

At Global, people work with heart and soul – this is reflected in the family nature of the organisation. Collegiality is high on the agenda; we keep each other sharp and work on the basis of appreciation and trust. After work, there is also a lot of fun and activities are organised regularly. At Global Automotive Investments Holding, opportunities abound!

Jesper Simons,

Trainee, Business Analysis Department

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