Sander Zonneveld

‘Within Global, you will get all the space you need to develop yourself’

In 2012, I was exploring the job market for a role as Junior Payroll Professional. With an accounting background and some experience in Finance, I was looking to broaden my development and for a position with more personal contact. I found this role at Inter-Sprint Banden BV as Junior Payroll Specialist. My work consisted mainly of processing the payroll for the various business labels within our group and I was involved in operational HR activities. The HRM & Payroll department was still one compact team consisting of 2 team members and a Manager HR.

Due to the rapid development and growth of the organisation, the HRM & Payroll department has changed and professionalised in a short period of time. The HRM & Payroll department now consists of 10 colleagues. We work at the Hellevoetsluis and Moerdijk locations. Our team is responsible for the HR and Payroll activities for 17 (international) company labels of Global Automotive Investments Holding BV which comes down to approximately 1200 employees.

What makes working within Global Automotive Investments Holding so enjoyable is that the organisation strives for development, professionalisation and growth. In order to contribute to this as an employee, you are given every opportunity to develop yourself. This allows not only the organisation to grow and become more professional, but you as well.

In recent years, I have been able to grow into my current role as Team Leader HRM & Payroll at the Moerdijk location by gaining the trust of the organisation and following various training and education courses. In my role as team leader, I am responsible together with the team for all occurring HR & Payroll activities and I am involved in and coordinate various HR and development projects.

Sander Zonneveld,

Teamleader HRM & Payroll, HRM & Payroll Department

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